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Help us make more (and better) videos!

We’ve fixed our broken drone, upgraded with some awesome new gear, and offered up our boat to a rabble of crew to help us make more videos.

It’s all expensive. But we know you love the videos. So we’re offering you a few different opportunities to support us in our video-making endeavors — some of them are free, and some of them cost however much you’d like to spend.

But all of these are COMPLETELY OPTIONAL!! Our videos, as always, will be free to watch both here and on YouTube.

But wouldn’t you like a Cheeky Monkey t-shirt? Eh? Eh?! Check out these options for supporting Chase the Story below:

Option #1: Buy from using our affiliate link

Cost to you?

NADA. ZILCH. Well, nothing beyond what you spend on products yourself. I mean, we’re not giving you your fishing gear for free.

So, how does it work?

If you choose to buy something from our a-store, like galley utensils, books, boat gadgets, or anything else you might purchase after you’ve followed this link, then we’ll get a commission from Amazon for leading you to their products.

And did I mention it costs you nothing? That’s right — you pay the same, but we get a little kickback. Nice, right? Now, go click this link and start shopping!

Option #2: Watch the ads that play on our YouTube videos

Cost to you?

NOTHING. I mean, sure, it costs you a few more seconds in time, but it certainly doesn’t cost you any money.

So, how does it work?

YouTube Creators only get paid for YouTube advertisement when viewers watch at least 50% of the ads that appear in the videos. If you skip the ad, we don’t get paid. If you play the whole ad, we get paid a teeny weeny bit from Google, but it’s worth something when it all ads up! So help us out whenever you can by watching the ads rather than skipping them. Maybe use that time to go get a beer or microwave some popcorn and leave the ads running while you wait. We really appreciate all your help!

Option #3: Buy our merchandise

Cost to you?

Just the cost of a super awesome Cheeky Monkey t-shirt, mug, tote bag, phone case, hat or notebook.

So, how does it work?

Click on SHOP in the navigation menu (or click here: and choose a Cheeky Monkey item to buy, add it to your shopping cart, check out, pay, and voila! You get Cheeky Monkey swag in your mailbox and we get a percentage of the proceeds, which helps alleviate some of the expenses of making quality videos.

So, what are you waiting for? Go buy a shirt!

Option #4: Pledge your support on Patreon

Cost to you? That is entirely up to your discretion — you can pledge as little as $1 per video or as much as $50 per video!

So, how does it work? Each pledge comes with cool rewards and benefits that will help you enjoy the journey and bring you along for the ride with us. Our Patreon supporters are the first to know EVERYTHING that happens on board Cheeky Monkey, what our plans are, etc. And that is because we update you guys FIRST. And when I say FIRST, I mean, I tell you guys stuff my poor mother hasn’t heard yet. She’s forever calling me up and saying, “What country are you guys in?” And I have to tell her, “Mom, if you would just pledge your support on Patreon, then I could divulge that information…”

JUST KIDDING. I mean, it’s true you guys know where we are before our mothers do.

What I mean is I’M KIDDING about asking Mom for money. So before you start leaving comments about what terrible daughters/sons we are…JUST CHILL.

Mom knows we only accept payment in the form of food.

ANYWAY. Check out our Patreon Page HERE: to find out how you can support Chase the Story and the ongoing project of documenting our journey sailing around the world on Cheeky Monkey.

We are forever grateful for and indebted to all our supporters, whether it’s the people who write us nice emails telling us how much they love our videos, or whether you’re the awesome guy who pledges $50/video because he’s just that generous.

We appreciate ALL OF IT. So thank you multiplied by 371 bajillion.

We love you,

Tasha & Ryan